Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?

Click on the link and you will see, a Jack Skellington logo, printed in 3D!

Today I present to you,

another design for you to view.

This one was as easy as 123, all you need is an SVG!

Just upload to fusion with the insert,

adjust to size, and you’re an expert!

Now you select your sketches to extrude,

pick your size, or amplitude.

For the project, I chose 1 and 3

In millimeters, you can see.

For the last step, we must export,

our file into Cura, jolly good sport!

This time we’re printing in black and white

To all the students’ delight.







Printer Settings

nozzle- 0.4 mm

Layer height- 0.2 mm

infill- 20% density

Generated support material

Support Z distance- 0.2 mm

temp- 200°c for the nozzle and 60°c for bed temp

Link to thingiverse:

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