For this project, our 3D printing class had to choose a logo off the internet and extrude it so we could print it in one color.

3D Print Settings:

Printer: Ultimaker 2

Layer Height: .2 mm

Infill Density: 15%

Infill Pattern: Grid

Adhesion: None

Support: None

Nozzle Size: .4 mm

I chose this NASA logo because I’ve always had a thing for astronomy.

First, I imported my image into Fusion 360.  I placed it on the XY plane and switched my origin off so I could begin sketching.  I used the hot key “L” to create lines for the straight sides of the letters, the sparkle lines on the stars, and some parts of the red figure.  I then used conic curves for pretty much everything else.  Conic curves are a really easy way to make a simple curve exactly where you want it in order to create some of the corners of the letters, the white figure in the middle, and the rest of the red figure,  For the stars, I used the hot key “C” and made various circles for the stars.

After that, I turned my canvas off to get rid of the original NASA logo I had behind my sketch to see if I missed anything.  All set!

After this, I used the extrude tool to extrude the circle in the background 1 mm.  Then, I deselected those bodies by turning the light switches off and on as needed, and extruded the white and red background designs along with the stars, 2 mm.  Finally, I selected the bodies for the letters and extruded those 3 mm.

Now we are finally ready to print! I uploaded into Cura and set all of the settings (as previously mentioned) exactly how I needed them.  I then uploaded them into an SD card and transported them into the printer for my logo to print.  I printed it in white PLA, but that is totally up to any certain person’s preference.

Here’s the finished product!

Download the STL file on Thingiverse:

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