Geometric 3D Elephant

For 3D printing, we chose a file to convert into a 3D object using Fusion 360.

Design time: ~2hrs | CAD Software: Fusion 360

Print Software: Cura |Printer: Ultimaker 2|Print time: ~2hrs


  • Find an image you wish to convert into 3D print and upload an image into Fusion 360 as a canvas, scale to size and move to the central axis of the plane, then click ok. To see an image as background while you are working with is change opacity of canvas to ~10%, this will make it easier to see lines you are tracing.

  • I chose to use a geometric image as I am a novice to 3D printing and Fusion 360. I make a line through the center of the image so I could mirror sketches.


  • Under the sketch tap, I used the line tool for straight lines and a mix between the spline and 3 point arc. Make sure all lines are intersecting to adjacent lines in order to select sketches for extrusion.

  • Once all lines are made ( I did not do all the details of my image as I was unsure of how the details would print), from the create tab select sketches to extrude.

  • After all, sketches are extruded to the desired height, play with the modify tools to contour lines as desired. I used the fillet tool for lines or curves I wanted to round out.

  • For the last step, to mirror the bodies use the mirror tool under the create tab and highlight bodies you want to mirror.

Print settings: These are the print settings for if I scale STL file to 9 in the Z plane

  • layer height: 0.2mm
  • nozzle size: 0.4mm
  • temperature of nozzle: 200 Degree C
  • temperature of bed: 60 Degree C
  • infill density: 20%
  • infill pattern: zig-zag
  • estimated material used: ~22 g
  • material used: PLA


link to STL file:

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