Red Sox Logo

In this week’s class, we looked up an SVG file of a logo we liked and created a 3D version of it to print in two colors.  My color scheme was red and white and I’m absolutely obsessed with the Boston Red Sox so that was the logo I chose.  I designed my logo in the software called “Fusion 360”.

Ultimaker 3 Settings:

-Material: PLA

-Infill Density: 20%

-Layer Height: 0.2mm

-Nozzle Size: 0.4mm

-Temperature of Bed: 60 degrees Celsius

-Temperature of Nozzle: 200 degrees Celsius

First, I looked up the Red Sox logo I wanted on Google, and when I saved it to my computer I made sure it was an SVG file instead of a JPEG or PNG.  Then, I launched Fusion 360 and created a new project. I made sure to have the origin lightbulb turned on.

Following this, I inserted my SVG file into Fusion 360 on the X/Y axis plane.

I then selected all of the areas that I wanted to extrude in the foreground and brought them up 4.0 mm.  As you can see, the background isn’t pictured because I only have the lightbulbs turned on for the bodies in the foreground.

After that, I selected all of the areas I wanted to extrude in the background and I brought them up 1.0 mm.

Following this, I exported both the foreground and the background as separate STL files.  I then uploaded them into Cura (3D printing software) and made them sit flat on the Z axis.  I aligned them together and assigned the background to be printed in white and the foreground to be printed in red.  I used the Ultimaker 3 to print this.

This is the final product ready to print!

Red Sox Logo on Thingiverse:

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