Pumpkin SVG sign

This week in 3D printing we first looked up a design that we would like to print as a sign. We had to make sure that when we saved the picture to our desktop, it was saved as an SVG file. Because its almost Halloween and fall is my favorite season, I chose a pumpkin. The software that I used to create my design is called Fusion 360. I first opened the application and inserted my SVG file onto the work plane.

After that, I sketched a “two-point” rectangle around the pumpkin to create an outline. I then used the “fillet” option to round each corner about 40 degrees. Once I had that part, I used the “offset” tool to create another small border to create a small frame around the pumpkin.

Next I started to “extrude” each of the pieces. I extruded the background 1.5mm by simply clicking anywhere on the background and using the “hot key” ‘E’ to extrude. I then extruded the pumpkin and the frame 3mm using the same technique.

Once this was done, I uploaded it into CURA and got it ready to print. Because I was using two separate colors, I needed to make two separate “bodies”. The first body is the background and I chose this to be white. In order to have just the background appear, I had to ‘turn off’ each individual piece of the pumpkin. I then saved the body as an STL and it uploaded to my computer. I also did this with the pumpkin. I wanted the pumpkin and frame to be black so I turned the background off and saved that body as a separate STL. Once in CURA I aligned the design so they fit in place and put the two pieces flat on the Z axis. I assigned the background to be printed white and the foreground (pumpkin) to be printed black.  I used the Ultimaker 3 to print this and these are some of the settings:

Material: PLA

Infill Density: 20%

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Nozzle Size: 0.4mm

Temperature of Bed: 60 degrees Celsius

Temperature of Nozzle: 200 degrees Celsius

Link to Thingiverse is below:


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