Jellyfish chess set

For this assignment we are to create a group chess set modeling a traditional chess set pieces with a “sea theme”. For my individual chess piece, I was given the task of creating the queen with a base of 45mm and height of 75mm.

I began with a basic half sphere for the “head” and raised it 20mm vertically.

Next I started to work on the “legs” by using the letter “J” as it seemed the most appropriate to add a style to the piece.

Next I duplicated the the “J’s” and attached them to the half sphere. I also added 2 straight lines to the center of the bottom of the half sphere for added support.

Finally I grouped all the pieces together for one complete chess piece and adjusted the height to the appropriate dimensions.


STL File:

Print Settings:

  • layer height: 2.0
  • nozzle size: 0.4mm
  • temperature of nozzle: 200 Degree C
  • temperature of bed: 60 Degree C
  • infill density: 20%
  • generates support
  • material used: PLA

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