Starfish Chess Piece

In my 3D Printing class, we got into a group to make a themed chess set on the sea. I made a rook chess piece which was a starfish. Making the starfish was easy because there was already a shape star so I dragged it and placed it on a work plane. Then to make the curves inside I dragged a paraboloid and selected a hole option just to make the curves smoother rather than a point. Then I duplicated it 4 times and placed it on each curve. After that, I dragged a half sphere and placed it on one side and made 4 of them just to add details on the fish. I lined them up and then I grouped it. Then I changed the angle to 72 degrees of the 4 half spheres and then I duplicated it and tinker cad placed it on all the 4 sides by itself. Then I had to make a base for it because the piece had to be at least 60 mm tall so I dragged a cylinder and sized it to 45 mm radius and 50 mm in height because the starfish was already 60 mm. After that, I placed the starfish on the cylinder and grouped it together.


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