Snail Pawn

This is a snail shaped pawn for a chess set.


The first step to this build was to make the snail’s shell, this was done using the “Corneum” shape generator. I played with the settings until I had a shape that could serve as a good base for a snail shell.


To finish off the snail shell I inserted a paraboloid to cap off the “Corneum” shape and cover up the little curly cue that was generated at the tip.

Note: Grouping a shape generator object in Tinkercad may take significantly longer than normal and it will look like it has run into an error while loading.


To create the body of the snail I used the “pineapple” shape generator.

I position the snail’s shell onto its body and added eyeballs and stocks.


I designed a simple base for the snail based off of the “Icosahedron” shape, grouped the pieces all together, and added a small block hidden inside the snail to connect the bottom of the snail more solidly to the base.


Thingiverse page for the whole chess set:




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