Shrek Chess Piece

In Intro to 3D printing we grouped up to make a themed chess set. We then chose a theme to go along with the chess pieces. I volunteered to make the king chess piece, which was Shrek. It was difficult at first but I had to look up some ideas to get my brain flowing. The piece had to fit into a general square on a chess board. My group and I looked up the dimensions and continued to make our pieces. I started off with 2 half spheres as his shoes. These were 13mm x 13mm and 6.5 mm high.

I then added two cylinders for his legs. Each cylinder was 12mm x 12mm and was 14.5 mm high. I had to raise each one 5mm off the work bed to put them onto Shrek’s shoes.

Next I used a half sphere for his lower abdomen. This measured 34mm x 28mm and was 10mm in height. I estimated how high I needed to raise it off of the work bed to properly place it onto his legs. I then added a ‘ring’ sized 29.6mm x 25mm and placed it on top of the cylinder. This represented Shrek’s belt. After that I dragged a sphere onto the work bed and changed the dimensions to 33.5mm x 33mm. I put this shape on top of the belt to use as his abdomen. These couple of steps took lots of remeasuring and realigning to get the right fit. My biggest concern was having all of the pieces touching, especially the belt so it could 3D print in the best quality possible. After that I used 3 ’round roof’ shapes as his vest. His vest is opened in the front and wrapped all the way around his back. I first dragged 1 ’round roof’ onto the work bed and had to rotate it 90 degrees. I then changed the dimensions to 31mm x 11.5mm. Once I found this appropriate size, I highlighted the shape and duplicated it twice, rotating each one an additional 90 degrees to wrap around his chest.

Next I used 1 sphere measured 32mm x 30mm and this was used for his head. I then added 1 paraboloid onto the work bed and changed the dimensions to 11.45mm x 14.66mm to form one of his ears. I then duplicated this ear and ‘flipped’ it, and dragged it to the opposite side of his head.

Next I added the arms and hands. For one arm, I used the shape ‘paraboloid’. I stretched this until I found a size that was appropriate. This size measured out to be 12.7mm x 12mm and 26.25mm high. I then duplicated the arm and flipped the piece and dragged it to the other side of his body. To make the hands, I dragged the hand shape onto the work bed and sized it at 14.4mm x 12.77mm and 13mm high. I also duplicated each hand and flipped it. For each hand I made sure they were placed inside the end of each arm so they would print securely. I then added two eyes that measured out to be 11.79mm x 11.79mm and put a smaller black sphere inside to represent the pupil. The pupils were measured out to be 2.14mm x 2.14mm. Then I added a cone shape to represent the nose. I had to tilt it to properly fit it onto the head. This shape was 6.6mm x 11.79mm. The last detail I added was his mouth. I used another ’round roof’ and flipped it 180 degrees and made it 2.6mm x 10.7mm. I then highlighted the whole character and grouped them all together to make it one solid piece. Lastly I added a stand using a hexagon and measuring 45mm x 39mm. This stand will allow him to stand up after being printed without being top heavy. 

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Infill Density: 20%

Material: PLA

Support: Everywhere

Support Overhang Angle: 60 degrees

Nozzle: 0.4mm

This link to the full Shrek chess set on Thingiverse is below:

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