Puzzle Cube

For our first project was to create a puzzle cube that consisted of 27 cubes to make a 3 x 3 x 3 cube made of smaller cubes. Each of the smaller individual cubes had dimensions of 20mm x 20mm x 20mm.  With each puzzle piece extending in three different dimensions and consisting of at least 5 smaller cubes.

I started by placing all 27 cubes into the the work field in the shape of the cube as a whole. To create each piece I took cubes away from the overall large cube and pieced them together to form different puzzle pieces. My first piece consists of 5 small cubes grouped together to form one larger piece.


To create the rest of the remaining pieces, I continued with subtracting cubes from the 27 cube structure and piecing them together to form different pieces.

To solution guide to solving my puzzle cube:

Layer height .2mm

Infill density 20%

Support Material was used

Nozzle size .4mm

Temp 200C

Bed temp 60C

15 grams of material used

1 hour 40 minutes print time

To find the files for this project go to: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3094981

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