Puzzle Cube

This is the puzzle Cube that I put together in TinkerCad, the puzzle cube is 3x3x3 with five pieces all together.



The puzzle cube was made by fusing small cubes together to make the larger pieces and one of the first pieces I made was very simple.



I first started with one cube.



I then added another couple




I then fused them together


I then made more and pieced them together



All the individual pieces, all the parts were made at the same size so it doesn’t fit together properly because there were no tolerances taken into account.




To counter act this some of the parts needed to be sanded. The sanding wasn’t perfect and the pieces are still a little miss-aligned but it fits for the most part and it’s at a point where I’m happy with it.




You can find the files for this at : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3094984



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